Want to start your own BRAND


NOVA MAGIC makes it super easy for you to start you business. Wholesale gives you the option to make extra income, or if you want to add beautiful products to your brand.

When you wholesale through us we make the process easy for you. In order to purchase wholesale from us you must sign and agree to our policy:


You will use your own photos and videos to promote your business.


You are not allowed to use any pictures/videos from our Instagram or website.


You will not use any lip gloss names made by Nova Magic LLC at anytime!


You agree that you will use your own name and logo to promote your brand.

Squeeze tubes

50 Tubes - $175

100 Tubes - $250

150 Tubes -$355

200 Tubes - $550

wand tubes 

50 Tubes -$200

100 Tubes -$375

150 Tubes - $570

200 Tubes -$750

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